General Information

Aim of the Program

The Movement and Training Science Thesis / Non-Thesis Master's Program within the scope of Istanbul Institute of Health Sciences Institute aims to educate specialists in the field of motion and training sciences with its educational understanding and professional academic staff aimed at achieving internationalization with up-to-date knowledge.
With the Thesis / Thesis Master of Science Program in Motion and Training Science, specializing in the field of sports, movement and training sciences, to be successful in world standards, to provide advanced sports practices, to gain success, to do academic studies and to help new generations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates who have successfully completed the Thesis / Non-Thesis Master's Program in Motion and Training Science have the degree of Master's degree in Motion and Training Science. Graduates who want to pursue an academic career can continue their doctoral programs when they meet the necessary requirements.
Our graduates who want to start their working life are in Provincial Directorates of Youth and Sports affiliated to General Directorate of Youth and Sports, sports related units. They can work as coaches and sports specialists in professional and amateur sports clubs. In universities, they can work as sports trainers, but they can also provide day-to-day individual coaching services that are becoming more and more common in sports.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

In accordance with the "Graduate Education and Training Regulation, Article 5: Student Admission through Horizontal Transition", which is determined by the Higher Education Council, "Istanbul Graduation University Health Sciences Institute Directorate" Basics ".

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

The students are not admitted with the vertical transfer from any program due to the scope of the Thesis / Thesis Master's Program in Motion and Training Science.