General Information

Aim of the Program

The aim of this Program is to train specialist dietitians who have the skills to to identify individual and societal problems related to nutrition and to suggest solutions, able to develop nutrition policies, able to advise individuals on food selection and nutrition, can provide nutrition education, health promoter, which can protect against disease and create the necessary subdivision for active diet factors, knowledge, skill and sensitivity, follow the scientific literature, review, interdisciplinary, plan and run projects independently or as a team, interpret the results, present at scientific meetings, publish in national and / or international journals, take responsibility for quality management and processes, to comply with professional ethics rules, use computers and other technological tools efficiently and have advanced theoretical and practical knowledge about statistical methods.






Career Opportunities

When the program is completed and program qualifications are provided, the student has a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.
Graduates who successfully complete the master's program and want to pursue an academic career can apply for Ph.D. programs in their own field or in multidisciplinary fields, provided they have an English language proficiency and are required to take a valid ALES exam score. They are accepted if they are successful in the interview examination afterwards.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

In accordance with the "Graduate Education and Training Regulation, Article 5: Student Admission through Horizontal Transition", which is determined by the Higher Education Council, "Istanbul Graduation University Health Sciences Institute Directorate"