General Information

Aim of the Program

Economics and Finance program is established to fulfil the need for managers and researchers at all levels both in private and public sectors. Not only the aims of the program is to train graduates who are equipped with necessary economics and finance knowledge, hence, able to foreseeing and managing the opportunities and threats in the business environment; but also to train well equipped candidates for academia. In this framework, Economics and Finance Program bringing two complementing scientific disciplines together has been established

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Economics and Finance program may employ in any organization of public and private institutions and all institutions related to finance market including banks with the titles of assistant specialist, executive candidate, supervisor and financial advisor. In addition, our graduates may have academic career opportunities by continuing PhD degree programs or working as an instructor at vocational schools.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Our university accepts the students for the master degree on space available basis and in accordance with the ‘‘Regulation Regarding Transfer, Double Major and Minor among Master Degree Programs in Higher Education Institutions and Credit Transfer Among the Institutions’’

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Master’s students who are out of the scope of lateral transfer may continue to master’s education in our university in case of meeting the conditions indicated in the relevant regulation.