General Information

Aim of the Program

1. To have graduates who can evaluate, analyze and interpret the topics in the area of psychological science within the framework of psychology theories, 2. To have graduates who can implement scientific research methods, statistical softwares and relevant information technologies correctly and effectively in their work, 3. To have graduates who can conduct feasibility and competence studies on tests and techniques that are used in the area of applied psychology on the condition that they will abide with the ethical values, 4. To have graduates who can express his/her ideas in a written or oral way in at least one foreign language, 5. To have graduates who succeed in various skills such as problem solving, time management, self-discipline and communication, 6. To have graduates whose sense of independent work, teamwork and responsibility has been developed, 7. To have graduates who have an investigative attitude on the basis of scientific knowledge and scientific thinking, 8. To have graduates who view the behaviors of evaluating social events and active participation as their basic principle within the framework of universal values, 9. To have graduates who adopt the philosophy of lifelong learning, 10. To have graduates who have acquired conscious awareness and developed civil courage.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Psychology Master’s Program can find work, depending on their level of expertise, as occupational workers, managers, advisors and experts in various clinics of hospitals, mental health institutions, rehabilitation and family counselling centers, industrial and other organizations, courts of law, correctional facilities and prisons, advertising agencies, institutions working in mass media such as radio and television, centers developing tools for assessment such as the ÖSYM, military organizations and institutions, nursing homes, psychotechnic assessment centers and many other institutions and as educators / academicians teaching in the discipline of psychology within colleges and universities. Graduates can effectively take on roles in positions such as research and development, evaluation, analysis, reporting and auditing within many public and private institutions.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer


Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer