Student Council and Associations


Student Associations

Student councils help students to improve themselves in professionally, socially, culturally, intellectually and physically, to gain team work and leadership skills, to develop innovative, intellectual and analytical perspectives and establish helpful relations.

Istanbul Gelisim University supports all club activities and aims to enhance them. Therefore, nearly 30 student clubs and sport teams represent our University with the activities they organise and competitions they participate within a year.

Student club in Istanbul Gelisim University;

  1. Turkish Art Music Club
  2. European Union Project Club
  3. Theatre Club
  4. Politics Club
  5. Photography Club
  6. Cinema Club
  7. Sports Club
  8. Technology Club
  9. Music Club
  10. International Logistics and Trading Club
  11. Psychology Club
  12. Industrial Engineering Club
  13. Economics and Finance Club
  14. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club
  15. Computer Club
  16. Scouting and Nature Club
  17. Child Development Club
  18. Aviation Club
  19. Young Fenerbahçe Funs Club
  20. National Cultural History and Literature Club
  21. Construction Engineering Club
  22. Social Services Club
  23. Literature Club
  24. Design Club
  25. Business Club
  26. Erasmus Student Club (ESN)
  27. Chess Club
  28. Advertising Club
  29. Young Politicians Club
  30. Psychodrama Club


Applications for the establishment of a student club in Istanbul Gelisim University are made to the Department of Health, Culture and Sports (HCS) and clubs run their activities based on HCS and the dean in question.  

Documents required for application of club establishment;

·         Club charter

·         Education and contact details of the club management and supervision board

·         Information about club academic advisor

Student Council

Istanbul Gelisim University Student Council is responsible to convey students’ problems, requests and complaints to the university administration, to represent students in the best way in meetings that interest them, inside and outside the university, to be involved in the making of decisions that interest them, and to contribute to the scientific, social, cultural and sporting activities.

Elections of Student Council representatives are conducted under the supervision and responsibility of faculty members by closed ballot. Elections are held in November each year, under the directive of the University.