Dear Students,

Within the process of globalisation and development, Istanbul Gelisim University offers its students an education and learning based on international standards while also respects modern and national values. Istanbul Gelisim University which crowned its college experience with university educations aims to educate entrepreneurial professionals. 


As Istanbul Gelisim University, we aim our students to be skilled, productive and knowledgeable academics, businessmen and entrepreneurs adorned with universal human values, entrepreneurial spirit and can adapt to any kind of work environment. To achieve this goal, Istanbul Gelisim University offers its students with education and practice on entrepreneurship in order to provide them with the means to fulfil their objectives of setting up their own business.

We continue to support our students for the 2013-2014 academic years, with our wide range of scholarships. I would like to invite you to use these far-reaching opportunities in order to earn your future.

Respect and love...

Abdülkadir GAYRETLİ




Our primary mission is to bring up individuals with team spirit and social responsibility, who are self-reliant in every field, and respect ethical values. Additionally, we target our students to be able to face the future with their hope, enthusiasm, and freedom as individuals capable of critical thinking, respecting principles of Atatürk, open to scientific and technological developments.



Our vision is to publicise our university as a respected international education and learning institution by running joint projects with internationally recognised schools, and setting up a global research network and providing high quality professional education. We aim to take existing educational opportunities further by creating a corporate culture based on team based participation of all academic and administrative staff, and providing educational opportunities for students who are not financially eligible with an aim of contributing to social and economic development of Turkey.




First attempts on the way of establishing ‘Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School’ started in 2008 through the ‘Gelisim Foundation for Education, Culture, Health and Social Development’. As a result of these initiatives, Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School has been established and started to education and learning with , Annex 2 of the Council of Ministers of the Law No. 2547 dated 07.14.2008 which is adopted based on the Ministry of Education letter No. 17261 dated 07.08.2008. Following Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School, Istanbul Gelisim University been established by the Law No. 6114, dated 02.17.2011 and started education and learning in the academic year 2011-2012 with 40 programs under the aegis of Vocational School, comprising of 2 Institutes and 1 Vocational School, 8 programs under the Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences, 5 under the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, 4 under the Faculty of Fine Arts.

In the academic year 2012-2013, the School of Health Sciences was established with 5 departments. In the same year, 5 new departments whose language of instruction is English were added to the School of Applied Sciences under the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, and started to operate in the academic year 2013-2014. Thesis based and non-thesis masters and doctoral programs on Business and Psychology departments of the Institute of Social Sciences continue since the academic year 2012-1013. Non-Thesis Masters programs also started to operate in the Department of Civil Engineering under the aegis of the Science Institution since the academic year 2013-2014. Hence, the number of graduate and postgraduate programs in our university reached to 44 while the programs within the Vocational School, including the secondary education increased to 99.