Academic Requirements


1.      Turkish Students

Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees

Central Placement

Students are placed in associate's and bachelor's programs through a central examination system and within the framework of regulations set by the Council of Higher Education. Students who graduate from secondary education institutions are placed to the programs they want to study based on the scores they got from the central examination.

Students who select one of the programs of Gelisim Vocational School, or Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, and Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences and placed in these programs based on the scores they got from the YGS (Transition to Higher Education Examination) and LYS (Undergraduate Placement Examination) become eligible to register at our university.

Additional Quota

After the central placement of ÖSYM, candidates who are not placed in any of the higher education institutions, and wish to apply our school, need to include Istanbul Gelisim University within their preferences within the dates announced by OSYM. Students placed in our school by ÖSYM are eligible to register at our school.

 Horizontal Transfer

Horizontal transfers to Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School are governed by the provisions of the “Regulation on the Principles of Transfer between Higher Education Institutions at the Level of Associate Degrees”. Horizontal transfers and admission procedures from other Vocational Schools to our school made by the decision of ‘Vocational School Board’. Students can apply to Students Affairs Office for horizontal transfers to another program within the university within the dates specified in the academic calendar. Applications are then finalized based on the recommendation from the department the student wishes to transfer to in addition to the decision of the board of directors on the matter.


Candidates who wish to apply for postgraduate programs should have graduated from a higher education institution which provides at least 4years of education, or should be at the graduation stage by the semester they apply for.

For Master’s programs, candidates should score in any field (SÖZ., EA., SAY) a minimum of 55 from ALES exam (valid for 3 years) or equivalent of GMAT or GRE determined by High Education Council.  Students are ranked by the Institute and accepted within the quota based on their ALES scores, their level of success from their undergraduate and their interview scores.


Documents Required for Application

o   Certificate of graduation from High School or Bachelor’s degree (photocopies are accepted)

o   ALES Certificate (not required for private students and post-graduate students without thesis)

o   Photocopy of the Identity Card

o   1 photograph

o   Military Service Status Document


2.      Students from Abroad


§  Students from other Nationalities

Based on the condition that candidates have graduated or are in the last year of their high school,

a)      Students with non-Turkish nationality

b)      Those who were Turkish citizen when they were born and owners of ‘citizenship exit permit’ issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the owners of the document issued by Law No. 5023 on the use of rights recognized by this law for their minor children.

c)       Those with the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey (T.C.) or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C.), and have completed the entire high school education in a foreign country except the TRNC. 

d)     Foreign students who came to Turkey in order to benefit from scholarships granted to foreign countries based on various agreements of the Turkish government or foreign students who came to Turkey by their own means in order to study at the level of undergraduate and graduate programs

e)      Graduates or students close to graduate who have succeeded in their national exams of a minimum score of 60 out of 100 GPA.

f)       In the international examinations;

·         SAT: minimum of 1000 out of 1600

·         Tawjihi: 60 out of 100

·         GCE: A level from at least two fields, one of them should be in the field of the program applied for.

·         Baccalaureat Libanais: 60 out of 100

·         International Baccalaureate: Students who have International Bachelors Diploma with a minimum score of 20

·         Gaokao: A minimum score of 400 out of 750

·         Al-Shahada-Al-Thanawiyya (Suriye): A minimum score of 120 out of 240 from the Bachelors exam in Syria

·         Diploma Debirestan ve Pişdaneşgahi (İran): A minimum score of 15 out of 20 from the high school graduation score in Iran

·         Kazakhstan National University Test: a Minimum score of 70 out of 120

·         In addition to the tuition fees, student should be able to cover his/her living expenses in Turkey.

Application documents:

o   Application form

o   Original and Turkish translations of high school diploma taken from countries outside Turkey and TRNC.

o   Valid examinations result certificate (Turkish proficiency certificate)

o   Passport

o   Photograph

o   Proof of Payment


Erasmus Students

Selection of students who applied within the context of bilateral co-operation agreement between the two higher education institutions is carried out by their home institutions. Candidates are required to apply to the Erasmus offices and send the necessary documents to Istanbul Gelisim University. Students who wish to benefit from the Erasmus Exchange Program are placed to the universities of their choices after they are ranked following the evaluations of the university based on their language scores and GPAs.

Application documents

o   Application form

o   Transcript

o   1 Photograph

o   Learning Agreement (3 copies)