Academic Counselling


1.      Undergraduate Programmes

At the Istanbul Gelisim University, undergraduate and graduate students are appointed with academic advisors from related departments for guidance in order to help with the resolution of problems they might have related to education and training. Academic advisors inform students about legislation, and advise them on issues such as course selection, add-drop, re-registration procedures and other academic issues.

2.      Graduate Programmes

Thesis-based Graduate Programmes

Thesis advisors for graduate students are assigned until the end of the second semester, on the basis of the decision of the Board of Directors of the related Institute. The graduate program advisors are selected from academic staff with doctorate degree and other faculty members, while doctoral degree advisors are selected on a mandatory basis among the faculty members who hold doctoral degree. Should the content of the thesis of undergraduate student requires, more than one advisor can be assigned based on the decision of the related Institute. If the thesis advisor withdraws due to various reasons such as appointment, retirement or student’s request, advisor can be changed or a new advisor can be assigned based on the decision of the related Institute, by taking into account the views and suggestions of the department and the ex-advisor. Until the appointment of the advisor or in cases of illness and travel excuses, the head of the department concerned shall act as advisor, approve the necessary documents and submit them to the Institute.

Thesis advisors are obliged to assist students in determining the courses to be taken, approving the course registrations and managing the operation of the thesis. Advisor assesses the student’s thesis together with the various progress reports during the writing of the thesis, and reports his/her conviction to the Institute.


Non-Thesis Graduate Programmes

Head of related department assigns advisors for students enrolled in non-thesis graduate programs until the end of the first semester among the academic and teaching staff. Advisors provide counselling to students on academic issues such as course selection, and semester projects.

Additionally, our ongoing activities at Istanbul Gelisim University through our administrative units, such as Psychological Counselling and Guidance (PDRAM), and Centre for Continuing Education and Centre for Career Development provides consultancy services to our students.


Psychological Guidance, Counselling and Research Centre (PDRAM)

Istanbul Gelisim University’s Psychological Guidance, Counselling and Research Center (PDRAM), facilitates personal, social and academic development of its students and employees while helping their adaptation to the university life. It also works to provide them with the skills to cope with the potential problems of everyday life that prevent their professional development and maximize their individual potential. It undertakes preventive work towards problems that may arise on these issues. Our centre approaches its subjects by taking into consideration the principles of confidentiality and impartiality.


Centre for Continuing Education

Centre for Continuing Education offers modern and distinguished education and learning service with its well-equipped and experienced instructors, academic and professional knowledge, and the modern education and learning environment it provides.

Its objectives are as follows:

  • Turning continuous learning and development into a lifestyle
  • Reaching productive and responsible individuals and communities who are open to continuous learning and development
  • Developing the most effective process for sharing scientific knowledge with adults and institutions, and integrating theory and practice for the benefit of the society
  • Offering training programmes that covers many fields of expertise for the benefit of its students as well as public and private sector employees


 Career Development Coordination Unit

Istanbul Gelisim University, Career Development Coordination Unit aims to provide the best service to our students both during their education and after their graduation, in line with the objectives of our university by offering them counselling support in order to help them build healthy social relationship and reaching successful performance. Among the activities of our unit include the implementation of the career tests to students for the determination of professional predisposition, providing counselling to our students and graduates about study abroad, and work, the provision of dialogue between our graduates and companies and institutions, organisation of conferences to introduce work environment as well as Career Days, providing information and advice about the transition exams.