Internship and Job Opportunites


Students of Istanbul Gelisim University do internships with the objectives of turning the theoretical knowledge they have acquired through their education into practice, gaining work and teamwork experience, to learning the functioning and activities of institutions and companies. Duration and requirements of internship programmes vary across faculties and departments.

At the end of internships, students are obliged to prepare the internship report in accordance with the rules determined by the relevant faculties and departments and submit it within specified deadlines.

Erasmus Internship Mobility

Students of Istanbul Gelisim University can benefit from Erasmus Internship Mobility which provides students enrolled in higher education institutions to participate in workplace practices within the institutions located in the EU member states.  Students can participate in the Erasmus internship mobility within public or private organisations and institutions as well as research and training centres. It is the student’s responsibility to determine and get acceptance from the institution which he/she wishes to undertake internship. Students should receive a letter of acceptance from the institution inviting them.

Students who wish to benefit from the Erasmus internship mobility are required to apply to External Relations Office within the dates announced, present their language proficiency levels, and be selected to make an internship among other candidates applied. Erasmus internship mobility period ranges from 3 to 12 months. Intern students receive a grant for the period of their stay abroad.

Istanbul Gelisim University External Relations Office also accepts intern students coming from abroad. External Relations Office which accepts 1 or 2 students in line with the workload as Erasmus intern each year benefits students for acquiring overseas experience, office management, experimenting correspondence, having knowledge on study abroad and internship programs.

Istanbul Gelisim University Career Development Coordination Unit

Istanbul Gelisim University, Career Development Coordination Unit aims to provide the best service to our students both during their education and after their graduation, in line with the objectives of our university by offering them counselling support in order to help them build healthy social relationship and reaching successful performance. Among the activities of our unit include the implementation of the career tests to students for the determination of professional predisposition, providing counselling to our students and graduates about study abroad, and work, the provision of dialogue between our graduates and companies and institutions, organisation of conferences to introduce work environment as well as Career Days, providing information and advice about the transition exams.