Career & Academic Progression Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Graduates with the title of 'Anesthesia Technician' can work at all the public and private hospitals that have surgery rooms, especially maternity hospitals, university hospitals, private clinics, as well as health institutions and related organizations, tube baby centers, emergency rooms, intensive care service and pain units. in addition, graduates can be appointed as Health Technicians by taking the Health Technician the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS).

Occupational Profiles

Graduates can work in the operating rooms that are found in all public and private hospitals.

Horizontal Transition

Students can transfer to all the programs that are available in health departments.

Vertical Transmission

Graduates can advance in their career by taking Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS). If they are successful in the exam, then they can transfer to " Emergency and Disaster Management, Nursing, Nursing and Health Care