Career & Academic Progression Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Students who successfully complete the Audiology Master's Program with Thesis graduate with the title of "Expert Audiologist". Our graduates, who aim to pursue an academic career, can continue their doctorate programs by fulfilling the necessary conditions and can take part in academic staff at universities. In addition, they can work in private clinical and rehabilitation centers, research institutes or universities, hearing aid sales and application centers, cochlear implant companies, industrial institutions and schools for the hearing impaired.

Occupational Profiles

Horizontal Transition

Announced by the Istanbul Gelisim University Institute of Health Sciences in accordance with the principles of "Graduate Education and Training Regulation, Article 5. Student Admission Through Transfer" determined by the Higher Education Council, "Application of Student Admission to Istanbul Gelisim University Graduate Programs by Horizontal Transfer Under the “Principles”, undergraduate transfer opportunity is offered.

Vertical Transmission