Career & Academic Progression Opportunities

Career Opportunities

In recent years where global invesing activities are becoming intense and Turkey has emerged as an important actor in the international trade area, the need for well-supported work force both in international trade and logistics sectors are more than ever. in this sense, it is aimed for our graduates to meet the qualified work force deficit in our country. After the education where they develop capability to evaluate and implement all aspects of their field, Logistics Management in English graduates can be employed in a wide range of firms and agencies particularly in those which specialized in export/import and logistics, in foreign exchange and finance deparments of the banks and in customs consultancies with promising positions. Moreover, our specialist graduates can also apply job examinations of the public sector since the legislation in force allow them.

Occupational Profiles

Graduates of this Department can work in the planning, marketing, sales, logistics, management, accounting, communication and customs departments of national or international logistics and transportation organizations and in the relevant departments of the organizations where “Supply Chain” management is performed. Therefore, there are extensive working and job opportunities for the graduates.

Horizontal Transition

Istanbul Gelişim University accepts internal, external and horizontal transfer students to its associate and undergraduate programs according to the relevant regulation and within the limits of a specified quota.

Vertical Transmission

Associate degree graduates may pursue bachelor’s degree provided that they meet the criteria specified in the abovementioned regulation.