Career & Academic Progression Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The graduates of the department can be employed in almost every sector with the knowledge they have acquired. Our graduates can work in fields such as public and private sector, real and financial sectors, accounting, finance and audit according to their interests.
 In addition, our graduates can establish their own businesses as self-employed accountants and financial advisers when they meet the necessary conditions. Those who do not prefer to be in the real business world can continue with their academic careers by pursuing postgraduate and doctoral programs.

Occupational Profiles

The working areas of the program comprise of the real or financial sector jobs which are mainly based on accounting, finance and auditing branches.

Horizontal Transition

In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Principles of Lateral Transfer at the Level of Undergraduate among Higher Education Institutions, a lateral transfer from one department / program to another department / program is possible. 

Vertical Transmission

Graduates of Vocational Schools can continue their education for four years if they meet the conditions in the related regulations.