Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

The aim of the International Trade Department is to train the leaders of the future as people who can bring rapid and accurate solutions to the problems that can be encountered in business life, adapting to the conditions and requirements of the rapidly changing world, and using the technological innovations with ease. In this context, the aim and priority of the program are to offer students the reasons behind the global relations and the results of the trade globalization both at domestic and international levels in the theoretical and practical framework. In addition, it is aimed to train people who are able to internalize the concepts and practices of international trade; support the development of human resources towards the needs and trends of the global structure; are equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge; focus on to the increase of scale and performance of trade by joining to the works of domestic and international corporations; are the master of strategies, policies, and developments of the contemporary foreign trade in theoretical and practical areas; have a good grasp of conditions about the international competition.

Objectives of the Program

The target of the program is to train people who are based on entrepreneurship and global topics; are equipped with the essential scientific, institutional, and practical data; have developed their social skills; have intellectual and managerial abilities; follow scientific similarities and differences among disciplines; and are able to create awareness in the presence of technical problems.