General Information

Aim of the Program

Printing and Publishing Technology students in the program, and to date all the innovations occurring today in parallel with advances in communication technology, which has resulted in cultures closer together operate a training and practice in the field. These developments, communication, printing, promotion, and advertising is increasingly important. Printing and Publishing Technologies program; according to the needs of our country in the world to follow developments in design, prepress, printing and post-printing techniques to do research on issues and views; all types of graphic design and printing will solve the problem of the age, the competent use of equipment that can be brought aims to educate members. Also, thoughts and feelings through the use of graphic images, expressing support individuals with science and technology, arts training, is a further object of the program.

Career Opportunities

All public and private institutions can operate in work areas next to the DGS can be switched to the undergraduate programs.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

YGS 5 Base points with five students have the ability to transfer all the programs.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Press and Publication, Photo, Photo & Video, Journalism, Visual Communication, Visual Communication Design, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design, Graphic Design, Graphic Arts and Graphic Design, Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Graphic Design, Public Relations and Advertising, Communications, communication Studies, communication Arts, communication Design, communication Design and Management, communication and Design, Media and Communication, Advertising Design and Communication, Advertising, Advertising and Public Relations, New Media