Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

The Civil Engineering Doctorate Program, which is accepted by those who have completed a master program in civil engineering or related fields, is a department that provides in-depth knowledge and expertise at international standards in the relevant fields of civil engineering, and contributes to scientific knowledge in this field with the researches and projects they carry out.

Students gain expertise in areas such as hydraulic engineering, transportation engineering, construction technologies, building materials and structural engineering, earthquake engineering, and ground engineering. The aim of the program; With the advanced engineering knowledge and research experience they have acquired, the aim is to train engineers who will be able to offer original solutions to problems that have not been solved before, and who can use their professional knowledge and scientific data while searching for solutions.

Objectives of the Program

The aim of the program, in which advanced mathematics, science and engineering education is given to the participants of the program; to train graduate engineers who can achieve national and international success in the field of civil engineering, to contribute to research and development studies in the field of engineering, to train scientists who have visionary, ethical values at the doctorate level and can carry out joint studies with international organizations.