Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

Political Science and Public Administration is a discipline that helps explain and understand the political and administrative changes that take place at the local and international level. The aim of the graduate program in Political Science and Public Administration is to train a qualified workforce equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge supported by current and technological resources in the fields of politics and administration. To provide students with a scientific approach, critical attitude and the principle of lifelong learning, to give graduates who are possession with time management, self-discipline and communication skills.

Objectives of the Program

Graduates of Political Science and Public Administration have the opportunity to pursue careers in the public, private and third sector organizations by taking advantage of the interdisciplinary training. The graduates of the department are employed as specialists, inspection board members, administrative judges, district governors, middle and top level managers in different fields in the public, private and voluntary organizations such as ministries, local governments, SEEs, non-governmental organizations, financial institutionsand so on according to their education on the fields such as political science, administration, law, economics. Students who prefer academic life can continue their doctoral programs in line with their interests.