Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

Department of Aviation Management trains qualified personnel who can work in many parts of the aviation sector, such as flight operations, safety management, marketing, and other departments in the aviation sector. Department of Aviation Management contributes to the aviation sector with advanced scientific studies and research as well as training experienced and knowledgeable students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the aviation sector. Department of Aviation Management provides knowledge and skills in fields such as civil aviation, information technology, airplane and aircraft, general economy, international aviation, logistics, accounting, airline security, passenger services, international transportation.

Objectives of the Program

The goal of the Aviation Management Department is to train candidates who have the knowledge and skills to meet both current and future needs of sectoral businesses. In this direction, with the degree of Aviation Management, our students will have academic knowledge that will enable them to think critically, intelligently and creatively , to act in the light of science and technology and to play a leading role in aviation's different disciplines.