General Information

Aim of the Program

The Department of Medical Promotion and Marketing aims to train qualified personnel in line with the expectations and needs of the sector in order to be employed in the marketing of all products within the pharmaceutical industry and medical device technology within the health sector.
The pharmaceutical industry, as in today's world is constantly growing sector in Turkey as well.
In this respect, there is a need for pharmaceutical promotion staff who have received a good education in terms of training in health field and gaining competence.
Although it is a part of the developing health system, it is one of the most popular occupational groups of recent years.

Career Opportunities

Medical Promotion and Marketing Program graduates; with the title of medical sales representative in national and international pharmaceutical companies, medical companies and pharmaceutical warehouses as their working fields, they can have the opportunity to become experts and managers in their fields with their development processes.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Students are admitted to the associate  and undergraduate programs in accordance with the  vertical transition regulation on transfer between associate and undergraduate programs in higher education institutions, double major, minor and inter-institutional credit transfer vertical transition within the quota.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Students who have completed the Medical Promotion and Marketing program, if they are successful in Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) conducted by OSYM; Public Relations, Medical Promotion and Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising, Public Relations and Promotion, Marketing, International Business and Trade, International Trade, International Trade and Finance, International Trade and Business, International Trade and Logistics, International Trade and Logistics Management can make vertical transition