General Information

Aim of the Program

Health care organizations related to the patient records, filing, statistics and archives and correspondence of the system on a regular basis to keep healthy is to train manpower for the execution. Students who graduate from this program are to win the title of health technicians and private, university and government can find jobs in hospitals. Program Objectives medical documentation and secretarial program aims, medicine and health technology in various branches of scientific research findings to be compiled, in order to be put in and the investigator offered to the issues needed in the health element is to educate. Qualifications students wishing to enter this program in human relations compliant, eager to learn foreign languages ​​and capable, in principle, be careful and meticulous in work, adopting it is necessary to have a strong personality.

Career Opportunities

Medical Documentation and Secretarial "program conducted by SSPC finishers Vertical Jump Test (DGS) if they are successful; Health Care Management, Health Administration degree program can switch to the vertical. Vocational School of Health Services, who graduated from medical documentation and secretariat in hospitals and similar institutions begin to serve as administrative officer. According to professional success and experience to the bureau chief (Administrative and Technical Affairs, Library and Documentation jobs etc..) May be increased.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Associate degree program with a minimum score of YGS3 students may apply to the area.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Business Administration, Health Administration, Health Management of Kuurum, Yönecilig of Health Institutions; Health Management