General Information

Aim of the Program

This program for various reasons, arms and legs, such as lost limbs to the people concerned limb of the functions and can replace dentures with musculo-skeletal and nervous system-related pathological cases functionality, increasing pain and distress will reduce, aesthetic and functional orthoses at the level of orthopedic prosthetic and orthotic technicians aims to educate.

Career Opportunities

Orthopedic Prosthetic and orthotic technician staff of the hospital is located in the Health Technician. Private establishments operating in this regard there is a need for trained employees. in addition, the professional staff there is also a chance to open their own workplace. Constantly evolving and renewing itself with technological development is a branch of trained personnel in this field needs is increasing. Graduates of associate degree programs with success Vertical Jump Test conducted by SSPC (DGS) if they are successful, Biomedical Engineering, Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation programs can make vertical transfer.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

YGS-2 score can make the transition to health departments that accept students with.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Biomedical Engineering, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation licensing department can make the transition to the vertical pass exam.