General Information

Aim of the Program

In recent years, diagnosed with progressive technological developments in the field of new laboratory parameters were added considerable impetus to the health sector. The lack of qualified personnel trained in the private and public laboratories in terms of the employment constitute major shortcomings. Nowadays, the traditional methods that can be applied, as well as modern techniques and capable staff knows it has become imperative need. This program of work has been trying to resolve these deficiencies, which have become traditional biochemistry, microbiology, hematology applications, as well as molecular biology, immunology and embryology laboratory practices have been incorporated for.

Career Opportunities

Professional practice and training in the program by completing all of the Medical Laboratory Technician program are graduated with the title. Medical laboratory technicians and laboratory science experts in the management of their works, according to technical testing and analysis are done. University graduates, government, social insurance hospitals, health centers, private clinics and can work in the assay laboratory. They work under the supervision of experts in science laboratories and blood, urine, tissue and other body samples as they are or they are examined under the microscope by mixing chemicals in, follows the growth of microorganisms, serologic tests and analyzes are made​​. Researchers produce on a regular basis to ensure that the information and be forwarded to the relevant related work they do.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Associate degree program with a minimum score of YGS2 students may apply to the area.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Biology, Nursing, Nursing and Health Services