General Information

Aim of the Program

Engineering Management aims to train students who are equipped to organize, manage and control the activities of engineers, scientists, designers and other technical and non-technical personnel in order to achieve the desired goals in the design, production, operation or maintenance of a product, device, structure or machine.

Target of the Program

The aim of the Engineering Management program is to provide engineers with the knowledge and skills to use these qualifications more effectively and efficiently without alienating their existing technical knowledge and skills, to train managers who can carry out activities in which engineering and applied sciences are used, to train engineers who can make strategic and operational decisions about existing and future technologies.

Career Opportunities

R&D Management, Information Management and Technologies, Distribution Management, Electronic Commerce, Human Resources Management, Quality Management, Production Management, Numerical / Multi-Criteria Decision Making Models and Techniques, Strategic Management and Technology Management etc.

Future of the Department

Engineering Management, which is a multidisciplinary field related to the application of engineering principles to the management and planning functions of enterprises, makes use of Industrial Engineering problem-solving methods and techniques. Engineering Management is a program that trains engineers with the knowledge and skills to take on management positions. Management is a part that exists and must exist in every business in order to manage business functions in accordance with the business vision and mission. There is always a need for managers who can make strategic and operational decisions about current and future situations in businesses.

Who Should Choose

Engineering Management Thesis/Non-Thesis Master's Programs; It may be suitable for candidates who can question events for their reasons, make quick decisions, love teamwork, combine their engineering skills in practice with management and planning functions, and want to work in management positions in the future.

Working Places

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer