General Information

Aim of the Program

The Department of Management Information Systems of Istanbul Gelişim University has just emerged as a department that integrates with business and information technology and provides training for occupational groups that are sought for the future. Purpose of the program; information technology, system analysis and algorithms, database and data applications, micro and macroeconomics, data and text mining, data mining and data mining, e-business and commerce, data analysis and cloud computing systems in the fields of information, skills, professionalism and internationalization strategy.

Career Opportunities

Our students who graduate from our department have the opportunity to find jobs easily in every department where information technology is used both in the public and private sectors due to the need of the sector and the sectors. Our missions can work with different titles in areas such as information technology, finance, software programming, media, communication and publishing, analysis reporting, commerce, transportation, communications and logistics, business and management. Management Information Systems, which have a very high business potential, also have the opportunity to set up their own businesses if graduates wish. Our students can also progress academically in this area at the same time.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Our university accepts students in horizontal transmission within the quotas in accordance with the "Regulations Regarding the Transition of Programs between the Associate and Undergraduate Programs in Higher Education Institutions, Credit Transfer of Double Major, Minor and Minor Institutes" to the associate / undergraduate programs of our university.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

All students who want to pass the vertical transmission will be placed by the OSYM, if they get enough points by entering the Vertical Transition Exam. Students who fulfill all the requirements are thus entitled to four years of undergraduate education at our school.