General Information

Aim of the Program

It is a quite new program focusing strategic management and control of flow of develeping Logistics sector’s tools, knowledge and human resources.Program aims to teach necessities of work and manegement abilites, abilities that can solve comples structure of aviation sector.Pre-expert individuals are raised with competitive syllabus contents .Also , raising individuals who are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge and may be professional in their areas, who focus on today’s and tomorrow’s necessities are aimed.Air Logistics is a program that supports theoretical and applied education also guarantees this education intellection which has leading firms providing compulsory internship.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have opportunities to work at all companies’ private or public sectors, Planning and Product Design, Marketing, Production Planning, Materials Management, Inventory Management, Storage, Customer services, Foreign Trade&Sales Department also Logistics Management.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Students can be tranferred to other associate degrre programmes that accept students based on YGS 6 score

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Aviation Management, Logistics Management , Civil Aviation Transportation Management. Transportation and International Logistics,International Logistics andTransport, International Trade, Logistics and Management.