General Information

Aim of the Program

The purpose of the BESYO Coaching Training Program is to educate contemporary coaches who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in the relevant field of their profession, individuals with ethical values, who are aware of the world sports facts, and embrace the importance of lifelong learning.

Career Opportunities

Students who have graduated from the Coaching Department obtain Level 3 coaching certificate from the federation of the sports branch they have chosen as their specialization branch and can work as a coach in their branch of specialization. Students who obtain a pedagogical formation certificate can work as physical education and sports teachers in schools affiliated with Ministry of Education. They can conduct postgraduate and doctoral studies in sports science related fields and can become academic personnel at universities provided that they fulfill the necessary conditions.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Provided that the conditions in the related regulations are fulfilled, intra-institutional lateral transfer can be conducted to all faculties and schools. Students can also use lateral transfer option to transfer at similar departments of other institutions.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Vertical Transfer(Graduate Transfer) is granted