General Information

Aim of the Program

Our aim is to accept Turkish and World cuisines as the humanitiy's heritage, examine them at academic level, and in particular, raise Turkish cuisine culture internationally.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of Gastronomy Department have opportunities to work every organisation about eating and drinking. Mainly, they can have positions like specialist, director, chef, assistant chef, chef de part, pastry chef at five stars hotel kitchens, food and beverage establishments, office kitchens, cruises, catering businesses etc. Also, they have possibles like being author, participating to media programs, writing blogs and join academic world. 

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Gastronomy department accepts students in undergraduate transfer within quotas in the direction of "Regulations Regarding Transition Between Bilingual and Bachelor Level Programs in Higher Education Institutions, Credit Transfer of Double Major, Minor and Minor Institutions".


Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

All students who want to pass the Vertical Transfer to the Gastronomy Department are placed by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) when they get enough points from the Vertical Transition Examination. Students who fulfill all the requirements are thus entitled to four years of undergraduate education at our school. In addition, the VTS(DGS) students in Istanbul Gelişim University will have a chance to read 50% scholarship if their pre-license student VTS(DGS) earns their paid quota.