General Information

Aim of the Program

A a response to the question "What is Business Information Management?", the Department of Business Information Management carries out its academic activities for the purpose to perform studies of people, institutions and organizations in the fields of business administration and technology, manage and audit appllications, provide solutions to problems, integrate technology into enterprises, create the required source of information through information technologies and sustain the success of the enterprise. For this purpose, the Department of Business Information Management provides its students with information and skills in the fileds of both business administration and information technologies through courses in the field of education like economy, business administration, management organization, marketing, finance, product management, revenue, accounting, statistics, law and courses from the business information management like computer programming, electronic commerce, e-marketing.

Career Opportunities

Once they receive their four-year Business Information Management undergraduate diploma, the graduates of the Department of Business Information Management will have job opportunities at various units in the public and private sector. Having been very well-equipped with the information and skills to work in almost all fields in this profession considered among top future jobs, our graduates will find employment oppurtunities in fields like accounting, marketing, information processing, finance, sales, human resources management, information technologies, public relations, etc. Students who'd like to build a career in the field of education can become instructors after participating in the business administration department formation training while those who'd like to lead an academic career can do so once they enter the required exams like business information management public personnel selection examination (KPSS).

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

The Depertmant of Business Information Management accepts students for its accociate via gorizontal transfer within the scope of the quota and in acccordance with the "Regulation on Horizontal Transfer Between Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Minor and Interinstitutional Credit Transfer".

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Students who'd like to continue theri study in the Department of Business Information Management via vertical transfer will be placed by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM) once they achieve the required score in the Vertical Transfer Examination. Students that comply with all the conditions will have teh right to receive four-year undergraduate education at our school. Additionally, the associate degree students at Istanbul Gelisim University will have the opportunity to study on 50% scholarship provided that they win the paid contingent via Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS).