Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

The main goal of the Master Degree Program of Security Studies is to raise qualified labor that is equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of security, politics and diplomacy supported by current and technological sources, that has deep knowledge and vision about national and global problems and their relations with the case of security and that meets the necessity resulting from the day by day increase in cross-border ties and rapidly changing nature of security problems.

Objectives of the Program

The main purpose of the Master Degree Program of Security Studies is to get into a position recognized within the international standards. It is mainly about increasing quality and visibility through scientific publications and organizations and raising professionals that would develop strategies through analysis of security, politics, diplomacy, military, economy and culture. It is also targeted to produce graduates aware of the importance of social, scientific and moral values and taking responsibility and initiative both alone and in a team work. The aim is also to prepare students for their future life through adopting the principles of scientific approach, critical attitude and lifelong learning.