General Information

Aim of the Program

The main goal of the Master Degree Program of Security Studies is to raise qualified labor that is equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of security, politics and diplomacy supported by current and technological sources, that has deep knowledge and vision about national and global problems and their relations with the case of security and that meets the necessity resulting from the day by day increase in cross-border ties and rapidly changing nature of security problems.

Career Opportunities

Security Studies Master Programme graduates can be employed in the units of public and private sectors as diplomat, advisor, supervisor, expert and manager. Ministries, undersecretaries and embassies as well as international organizations, think tanks and research centers, international trade companies, banks, tourism facilities and the foreign news branch of media are among the units that our graduates may work. The students that are planning academic career may be enrolled in Ph.D. programs in line with their field of interest.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer