Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

The construction sector, which played an active role in the construction and continuation of civilizations throughout history, grows in parallel with the population with the rapid increase in population. The construction sector, which has a large share in the global economy, including our country's language, needs high-level civil engineers who can produce creative projects using today's technology. We train the required high-level civil engineers as the Civil Engineering Master Program and contribute to the education and sectoral construction sector. In this direction, the aim of the Civil Engineering Master Program is to train engineers who are professional in construction, structure, transportation and hydraulic branches theoretically and practically, and to gain knowledge and skills such as design, scientific research method, design engineering, intelligent transportation systems planning, architectural structure and construction.

Objectives of the Program

The Civil Engineering Master Program effectively trains students in the branches of construction, transportation and hydraulics, and carries out studies that will contribute to their sector and academic career. Civil Engineering has all the requirements of specialization, has the necessary professional knowledge both in the sectoral and academic world and has gained the skills to use it creatively, is capable of academic research and development, is contemporary, rational, analytical, critical and creative, sensitive to society and the environment, It aims to train civil engineers and academic staff.