Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

Mechatronics engineering is a branch of engineering where different disciplines such as computer and electronics are used together. Mechatronics engineers, who perform design, study and production in a wide perspective, differ from other engineering branches with their ability to carry out technical processes by making use of wide and creative working areas and different disciplines.

Mechatronics Engineering Graduate Program aims to train engineers who have knowledge of machinery, electrical-electronics, computer engineering and can use this information correctly and effectively in studies such as designing and manufacturing a smart electro-mechanical system. In addition, it aims to enable these engineers to give autonomy, decision-making and control features to all kinds of machines and systems in accordance with the design objectives. Mechatronics Engineering Graduate Program students also contribute to the scientific data in the related field with their research.


Objectives of the Program

Mechatronics Engineering Graduate Program trains expert engineers and researchers who can carry out the design, operation, maintenance, repair and development activities of all kinds of electro-mechanical systems using the mechanical, electronic, software development and control algorithm development skills they have acquired throughout the program. In addition, graduates of the program are experts who can create innovative robotic system designs and follow developments and innovations in this field, while providing a solid contribution to science.

With the Master of Science Program in Mechatronics Engineering, it is aimed to train entrepreneurial and productive mechatronic engineers who can show the difference in academic level, think creatively, critically and analytically, represent our country at the international level, compete within the competitive market, produce fast and effective solutions to problems.