Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

The Department of Political Science and International Relations has been established within the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences of Istanbul Gelişim University for the purpose of internationalization in education, with the aim of raising awareness-raising professionals with a quality, innovative and competitive education approach. Language of instruction in the Department of Political Science and International Relations is Turkish and it focuses on the global and regional levels in the state and non-state international actors, the general characteristics of the institutions and structures, political actors and structures, relations with the changes and with each other in economic and social sense, major international organizations such as the EU and the United Nations, different regions, particularly Eurasia and the Middle East, and the internal dynamics and foreign policies of the dominant powers of the international system, especially the US and Russia. The program, which provides students with the opportunity to develop scientific research, develop critical approaches and create a theoretical framework, and to develop themselves for long term studies for their personal studies, is equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge supported by current and technological resources in the fields of politics, economy and diplomacy. gain national and international gains, knowledge and skills.

Objectives of the Program

The Department of Political Science and International Relations aims to educate students with a strong knowledge of the program, who have developed academic skills, are able to critically evaluate the world around and are able to communicate effectively. It is aimed that each student graduated from the Political Science and International Relations program has a comprehensive understanding of the political world including international developments in local, national and international fields, knowledge of concepts, phenomena and theories in political science, behavior in political life, organizations, organizations and philosophical foundations, to have the necessary skills to contribute to important researches and theoretical debates as a part of the studies on Turkish politics, comparative politics, international relations and political thought.