General Information

Aim of the Program

The purpose of the Department of Fashion and Textile Design is to raise skilled designers who have knowledge all the materials and production stages which make up the fashion and textile sector from weaving of the fabric to pattern design, specialized in weaving, printing and clothing design, know-how to prepare their own collections and designers who have advanced abilty to design.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of Fashion and Textile Design Department have a wide veraity of employment opportunities thanks to wide range of training to suit their talents and wishes when they graduate. Most of the graduates make a career in various departments of national and international textile and ready to wear companies. Department graduates can work in the clothing industry in many different positions such as designers, managers, pattern designers, textile marketing specialists, print designers, brand managers and so on. Graduates who want to act individually can choose to be designers, be styling, or create their own brands. Being a scholar in this field is also one of the graduate's career options. For graduates who do not want to work within the sector, career is also one of the options to make a career in publishing organs interested in fashion in the light of the knowledge and skills they acquire in school.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

The student is accepted as a student with lateral transfer within the quotas in accordance with the "Regulations Regarding the Transition Between the Programs at the Higher Education Institutions and the Programs at the Level of Associate and Bachelor's Degree, Double Major, Minor and Credit Transfers Between Institutions".

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

All students that want to study at our department via Vertical Transfer will be placed by the ÖSYM (Assessment Selection And Placement Center) provided that they get the required score in the Vertical Transfer Exam. Vertical Transfer is available from the Fashion Design undergraduate programs of universities.