General Information

Aim of the Program

The aim of the program To bring up highly gualified labor who have professional gualifications through scientific and technological developments in the field of Hair Care and Beauty services. Objectives of the program .To give the necessary theoretical and practical training in skin care and hair design issues. .To gain theoretical and practical gualifications in the issues of;make-up, hair removal, body treatments, hand-foot-nail care, and hair and make-up design on the computer.

Career Opportunities

Hair Care and Beauty Services of students who graduate from the program will be able to easily find a job in most markets. Alumni, beauty salons and centers, massage merkezer, sports centers, in the cosmetics industry, public institutions and organizations in the beauty salon on site, in the tourism sector, props and makeup needing tiyayro, T. V. They can work in institutions.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

There is no transition section between this program.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer