General Information

Aim of the Program

In the rapidly changing and developing health field; It is aimed to bring qualified personnel to the health sector who are equipped with the needs of the sector, who have the knowledge of business administration in health and hospital management, who have the communication skills to be authorized in the management levels of health institutions, who have medical terminology and computer knowledge, who are qualified, can solve problems quickly, apply ethical values and are aware of responsibility.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of Health Institutions Management Program, including private and public institutions;
1-Public and private hospitals, type centers and polyclinics,
2-Health insurance related units of social security institutions (Emekli Sandiği, BAĞ-KUR, SGK),
3-Medical Laboratories,
4-Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Centers,
5-Dialysis units,
6-Oral and dental health centers,
7-Health institutions of municipal health centers, associations and foundations,
8-Pharmaceutical warehouses in companies producing or importing pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and devices,
9-Companies conducting research and training in the field of health,
10-They can find career opportunities in private health insurance companies.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Our university accepts students with horizontal transfer within the quota within the framework of the Ilişkin Regulation on Transition Between Associate Degree Programs in Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Minor and Inter-Institution Credit Transfer ön.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

1-All students who want to pass our department through Vertical Transfer are placed by OSYM if they get enough points by passing the Vertical Transfer Exam. Students who fulfill all the requirements of the four-year; Bachelor of Health Management, Business Administration, Health Administration and Business Administration.