General Information

Aim of the Program

The main aim of the program is to train specialist psychologists who have the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to work in the field of clinical psychology, considers ethical values ​​in clinical practice, are sensitive to intercultural differences and needs, have the ability to plan and conduct clinical research, and are open to self-development. The program includes courses aimed at providing basic clinical skills in the field of mental health and compulsory courses on scientific research methods.

Target of the Program

To equip students with scientific knowledge. To consolidate theory and practice.


Career Opportunities

Graduates who successfully complete the master's program can apply to doctoral programs both in their own fields and in multi-disciplinary fields, provided that they get a valid grade from the ALES exam and provide English language proficiency, and they can be accepted if they are successful in the interview exam.


Working Places

The majority of those who graduate with a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology work as specialist psychologists in public institutions and private counseling centers.


Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer


Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer