General Information

Aim of the Program

The main objective of Aircraft Technology Program; In addition to theoretical knowledge, based on the teaching system for the application, Civil Air transport from the grounds of capacity in the future two-fold increase in that movement, qualified Aircraft Technology to eliminate the open education field technicians and is intended to meet the needs of this sector. In our country, and to meet the needs of the technical staff of the aviation sector is developing rapidly in the world, THY making agreements with other aviation organizations, especially, as the companies that manufacture in the aviation industry, as well as maintenance and repair firms that aims to educate qualified intermediate staff to needs. In addition, recent technical and scientific developments in aircraft technology technician should follow closely the international standards, working and thinking in the light of scientific data, it is intended to fill the gap of skilled manpower in this field.

Career Opportunities

Aircraft Technology students who have graduated from the program gained knowledge and skills in line; In business serving the aviation sector, are employed as technicians in the maintenance and repair section.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer