General Information

Aim of the Program

This program, which will join the students, the logistics of the basic concepts, tell me their problems and in these matters solution methods to teach, transport, storage, transport logistics, such as topics, from a scientific perspective to look at and problem-solving techniques and knows the industry will be helpful individuals is to raise.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates private sector and the public sector any organization, planning and product design, marketing, production planning, materials management, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transportation, insurance, customs services, purchasing, customer service, foreign trade and sales departments also have the opportunity to work in the logistics business.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Accounting and Taxation, Tourism and Hotel Management, Foreign Trade, Foreign Trade (Eng), Real Estate and Property Management, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Business Administration (Turkish), Business Management (Eng), Office Management and Executive Assistant

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Business Logistics Management Transportation and Logistics Civil Air Transport Management International Finance International Logistics International Logistics International Logistics and Transport Management International Business International Trade and Logistics International Trade and Logistics Management