General Information

Aim of the Program

It is aimed to raise proffesinals who have the qualifications in accordance with scientific and technical developments in the field of Electrical Technology.

Target of the Program

It aims to raise technicians who establish relationships with possible business fields more educationally, who developed their entrepreneurialism, who know changing world’s fields better.

Career Opportunities

When gradutaes who graduated from Electrical associate degree programs are successful at vertical tranfering exam that is applied by OSYM , they can be tranferred to Electrical Engineering, Teaching Computer and Computer Control, Teaching Electronics and Communication, Teaching Industral Technology, Physics, Meterorological Engineeriing, Telecommunication Engineering, Aircraft Electrical-Electronics, Teaching Electronics ,Teaching Electrics, Electronical and Communication Engineering, Aviation Ellectrical-Electronics undergraduate programs.

Working Places

Graduates can be employed at electrical machines turn studios, office machines techical services , electrician offices, Wall box installation studios, lift and escalator technical services, household electrical applicances technical services, security systems technical services, communication and relays technical services.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Students can be tranferred to other associate degree programmes that accept students based on YGS 1 score

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Electrical Engineering, Electrical-Electrobic Engneering, Electronical Engineering, Electronics and Communicatipn Engineering, Industrial Enginneering, Energy Systems Engineeriing,Physics, Automation And Contol Engineering,Meterological Engineering, Aircraft Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Space Sciences And Technologies, Space Engineerig.