General Information

Aim of the Program

In this department students initially complete their second language acquisition which is the essential requirement of the profession with a yearlong preparatory class. After the preparatory programme, they acquire the background necessary for the translation education and theoretical and applied lectures they will attend for two year. Throughout the education, students attend lectures on translation andi in the fields such as media translation, business translation, consecutive interpreting, literary translation, audio-visual translation, translation for social sciences, technical translation, translation for natural sciences and legal translation. This enables a wide range to the translator candidate to specialize in the field that he/she prefers after the graduation. Along with the occupational courses, courses such as translation theory, language and culture, discourse analysis help young prospective translators realize the multidimensional communication aspect of intercultural translation and enable them to have a scientific and sceptical approach. Within the compass of the program, along with the basic knowledge of translation, adapting to the innovations in the profession provided by the information technologies are among the abilities that the students of the programme will acquire.

Career Opportunities

• Media Organisations • Translation Agencies • Executive Assistance • Freelance Translator • Tourism Agencies • Foreign Trade Companies

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

English Translation and interpreting, English Language and Literature, American Culture and Literature and English Philology.