General Information

Aim of the Program

The aim of the Social Service Department is to educate qualified social workers who can carry out the necessary services for families, societies, individuals who have social problems in various dimensions. The aim is to provide the educational development of the individuals who want to specialize the field theoretically and practically and who are sensitive to social problems. Those who graduate from the program are given the title of "social worker".

Career Opportunities

The Social Service Department implements an educational program to integrate the social sciences, social service methods and techniques and the field applications in the framework of professional responsibilities, to be successful at national and international level, to integrate the necessary information for social services and to provide services by assimilating professionals. Some of the employment and working areas of social service practitioners today are mentioned below. • Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Children's Houses, Love Houses, Children's Halls Adoption and foster family services • Official or private nursing homes • Official or special handicapped care and rehabilitation centers • Official or private kindergartens and day nurseries • Provincial and District Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations • Orphanage Centers • Community Centers, Neighborhood Houses • Women's Shelters • Elderly Solidarity Centers • Children and Youth Center • Ergen Advisory Center • Hospitals • Ministry of National Education • Vocational Training Centers • Loan and Dormitories Institution • Ministry of Justice, Family and Juvenile Courts • Prisons • Children's Courts • Children's Education House • Forensic Medicine Institution • Universities • Hospitals • Children's branch offices of gendarmerie and police units • Family Counseling Centers • Local Authorities and affiliated units • Crisis centers • Red Crescent • United Nations Turkey • UNICEF Turkey representative • Refugees • Non-governmental organizations and foundations • Private Sector

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Social Service, Sociology, psychology, anthropology, social psychology, political sciences.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

Social Service