General Information

Aim of the Program

It is a profession and discipline which has the mission of solving social problems of society beginning with the smallest building stone of the society, family, together with disadvantaged groups such as elderly, disabled, children and women to provide social service, social justice and social welfare. In this concept it is about social projects which aims to provide social welfare and terminate social problems.  Social Service Department is in Avcilar district, realizes necessary service applications to society, family and individuals who has been experiencing social problems related to immigration in this zone, applies education program in the aim of bringing up social service experts who has specialised theoretically and practically in this area.

Career Opportunities

Social service department students graduate as social service expert. Our graduates can work in different sectors which can contribute the development of social justice and social welfare. Graduates can work as Social Service Expert in nursing homes of government and private, orphanage, kindergarten, disabled nursing and rehabilitation centres, nongovernmental organizations which work for human rights and equality, ISKUR, Social Security Institution, DPT, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Social service department accepts students via undergraduate transfer within the quota in the direction of ‘ Credit Transfer between Institutions by Sub-Branch, Double Major, Transfer between programs in Post Graduate and Associate Degree in Higher Education’.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

In social service department students who want to pass with vertical transfer takes vertical transfer exam and situated by OSYM if they get enough points. By the way students have right to train in our school for four years. Besides Istanbul University Gelisim University Associate Degree students have %50 study on scholarship if they get enough score on vertical transfer exam.