General Information

Aim of the Program

Our undergraduate program consists of two disciplines and trains qualified labor force resources by continuing education and training activities in line with the needs of the Banking and Insurance sector, which is the main actor in the economy. The purpose of the program is to provide students with knowledge and skills in various fields such as economics, finance, banking, insurance, treasury and fund management, risk management, and training the graduates for their need to succeed in the increasingly competitive business world. 

Career Opportunities

The graduates of banking and insurance have the opportunity to work in all public and private financial institutions, especially institutions and organizations operating in the banking and insurance sectors. They can work in different positions such as bankers, finance specialists, middle and senior managers who have qualified and equipped structures that can take responsibility in the banking and insurance sectors. The content of the program was designed taking into account the need for qualified workforce in the sector.The content of program has been prepared by considering the requirement for qualified labor force in the sector.

Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

The department of Banking and Insurance accepts students with lateral transfer within quotas in accordance with "Regulations Regarding the Transition between Programs at the Higher Education Institutions and Programs under the Bachelor's Degree Program, Double Major, Minor and Inter-Institutional Transfer among the Associate / Undergraduate Programs". 

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

All students who want to be enrolled in the Department by Vertical Transfer are placed by OSYM in case they get adequate score from the Vertical Transfer Examination. Students who fulfill all the requirements are entitled four years of undergraduate education at our university. Also, the associate degree students at Istanbul Gelişim University will have the chance to be enrolled with 50 percent scholarship if they are placed in paid program after DGS.