Career & Academic Progression Opportunities

Career Opportunities

English Translation and Interpreting students are candidates of working in governmental institutions such as the Ministry of Justice as translators, working for all publishing houses as translators or editors, working for translation agencies, or becoming a freelance translator.v Also, our students can take Master of Arts and Doctoral degrees to be become an academician.

Occupational Profiles

Horizontal Transition

English Tanslation and Interpreting accepts students in undergraduate transfer within quotas in the direction of "Regulations Regarding Transition Between Bilingual and Bachelor Level Programs in Higher Education Institutions, Credit Transfer of Double Major, Minor and Minor Institutions".

Vertical Transmission

All students who want to pass to Vertical Transfer to Department of English Translation and Interpreting are placed by the Student Selection and Placement Center(ÖSYM) when they get enough poing from the Vertical Transition Examination(DGS).