Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

Department of Public Relations and Publicity aims to train communication specialists who can plan communication applications as a whole, who can think strategically, establish and manage secure communication links, and diversify the means of communication. In order to realize this purpose, Department of Public Relations and Publicity provides the students the knowledge, skills and ethical principles that will be beneficial for both stakeholders and institutions by emphasizing the need for public relations practitioner to take the intermediary role in the interaction process between the institution and the stakeholders.  In this period which the number of corporate firms increased, this department also focuses on "corporate communication" at educates professionals in the field of communication

Objectives of the Program

Department of Public Relations and Publicity aims to graduate professionals who can apply the theoretical knowledge learned in the courses, who can produce creative ideas and projects in the communication strategy in accordance with the communication goal and have the ability to implement their projects, follow the new communication channels and use them correctly in the communication strategy and create their own language of communication.   The department will also gain students with the ability to manage corporate communication in the best possible way.