Career & Academic Progression Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Department of Economics and Finance can be employed in decision making and supervisory positions such as managers, experts, inspectors, and financial advisors in all sectors, particularly in banks and financial market institutions. In addition to that, our graduates have the opportunity to continue their academic career by continuing to graduate and doctorate level programs.

Occupational Profiles

it is aimed that graduates with their accumulation of knowledge gained through their undergraduate education may employ in organizations and institutions working in national and international areas. Our graduates may employ in any organization of public and private institutions and all economics and finance markets with the titles of assistant specialist, specialist, manager and assistant manager.

Horizontal Transition

The department accepts students with lateral transfer within quotas in accordance with "Regulations Regarding the Transition between Programs at the Higher Education Institutions and Programs under the Bachelor's Degree Program, Double Major, Minor and Inter-Institutional Transfer among the Associate / Undergraduate Programs".

Vertical Transmission

Graduates of Vocational Schools can continue their education for four years if they meet the conditions in the related regulations.