Career & Academic Progression Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Aeronatic Engineering; It can be employed in a wide range from defense, aircraft and aerospace industries to automotive industry. Turkey has taken important steps in the aerospace and defense industry in recent years. For this reason, the need for trained personnel in the sector is increasing. Aeronautics engineers are heavily employed in production, design, R & D and maintenance engineerin in the related areas.

Occupational Profiles

Aviation and space related units of defense industry firms.
Aircraft maintenance industry.
Turkish Armed Forces aircraft / helicopter maintenance units.
R & D companies, especially in the aerospace sector.
Airlines operation / management.
Automotive, machinery, energy sectors.

Horizontal Transition

Mechanical engineering

Mechatronic engineering

Elektronic engineering

Space enginneering

Vertical Transmission

Mechanical prg.

Mechatronic prg.

Elektronic prg.