Aim and Objectives

Aim of the Program

The Department of Sociology aims for its graduates who have the sociological imagination to acquire vocational competence by analyzing the meanings and processes of the phenomena of the global world objectively based on the principles of cultural relativity and sustainability; proposing solutions to problems by developing skills on designing research and projects via the use of information-communication technologies and cultivating social communicative skills.  



Objectives of the Program

Having cultivated sociological vision assisted by the cumulation of knowledge from relevant social disciplines, by the end of their training on sociology for four years, students identify complicated social patterns, meanings and processes of the rapidly changing global world; identify and interpret them within their historical-cultural contexts; analyze, compare and make inferences within the process of research projects with the help of sociological theories and methods via the efficient use of relevant methods, data collection, analysis techniques and information-communication technologies and evaluate them based on the principle cultural relativity and sustainability in an unbiased fashion.