General Information

Aim of the Program

The Department of Sociology aims for its graduates who have the sociological imagination to acquire vocational competence by analyzing the meanings and processes of the phenomena of the global world objectively based on the principles of cultural relativity and sustainability; proposing solutions to problems by developing skills on designing research and projects via the use of information-communication technologies and cultivating social communicative skills.  



Career Opportunities

Having graduated from our Sociology Department Undergraduate Programme with the title of “Sociologist”, our students are able to work at diverse positions at both private and governmental institutions.  They can pursue academic careers or work at secondary schools as teachers upon completion of pedagogical formations. Our graduates can work at both public institutions such as National State Planning Organization, Turkish Statistical Institute, penitentiaries and detention houses; and international institutions such as UNDP, WB, UNESCO, UNICEF, ILO as sociologists, experts, trainers, coordinators, planners or teachers.     



Programmes allowing Horizontal Transfer

Our university accepts the students for the associate degree / bachelor degree on space available basis and in accordance with the ‘‘Regulation Regarding Transfer, Double Major and Minor among Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree Programs in Higher Education institutions and Credit Transfer Among the institutions’’.

Programmes allowing Vertical Transfer

All students who wish to enroll in our program via Vertical Transfer can be placed by OSYM after they take the Vertical Transfer Exam and obtain the required score. Students who fulfill all the requirements can be offered a place at our university’s four-year bachelor programmes.